These prices apply to THREE 60 minute Massages. You may change the duration (60 min, 90 min, or 120 min) and the number of massages in your custom Package - must be at least three.

 For those who prefer packages, there is a one-time payment for the number of massages in a package that you choose (receiving $20 off retail price for each massage in that package). You may use them at any time.

 Packages do not expire! Packages are sold at a minimum of 3 or more and can't be shared with anyone.

Swedish Package

60 Minute Swedish Package $210

90 Minute Swedish Package $307.50

120 Minute Swedish Package $405

Medical Package

60 Minute Medical Package $240

90 Minute Medical Package $337.50

120 Minute Medical Package $435

Hot Stone Package

60 Minute Hot Stone Package $255

90 Minute Hot Stone Package $367.50

120 Minute Hot Stone Package $450

Sport Package

60 Minute Sport Package $225

90 Minute Sport Package $322.50

120 Minute Sport Package $420

Table-Thai Package

60 Minute Thai Package $255

Prenatal Package

60 Minute Prenatal Package $240